"Gina is my financial advisor and she is absolutely amazing! Relationships come and go, but I intend on making sure this one lasts forever!   - Katherine Choi, Associate Creative Director and Current Client     

 "Gina has been incredible in helping me start and build a solid financial foundation. I didn't know anything about retirement funds or 401Ks or investing in general, and she was patient and proactive in educating me. She's helped me develop a long-term strategy for my wealth management that truly works for me, my life, and my partner. I also appreciate her dedication to empowering women around their financial independence. The fact that that's a business objective for her tells me our goals are aligned."  - Leah Taylor, Creative Director at Listen (A sensory experience company)

"Matering personal finance would reqiure many hours of research and ongoing learning. I would much prefer to have someone I trust leverage their subject matter expertise to guide me on important decisions that will enable me to instead focus on my values- family, health & wellness, community and career - with the peace of mind that comes with having a robust financial strategy. Gina conducted a comprehensive review of my financial situation and presented me with recomendations and alternatives that are aligned with my family's priorities and goals. She helps me track our progress and remain both disiplined and strategic about our finances without burdening me with tedious tasks or a financial planning fee! Gina is competent, trustworthy and professional and is genuinely interested in me, my family, and our goals. Her understanding of the many demands and choices that women face on a daily basis helps to strengthen our connection and make efficient use of our time together. She is fantastic!" - Stephanie Reh, Current Client                        

"I have been working with Gina for over 15 years and she has been with me through many major life changes (marriages and divorces). Throughout all of our time working together, she has always placed me and my financial independence first and foremost - something that has been critically important to me as a professional woman. She's helped me to think through and understand the different financial and retirement planning tools I might need, and she's always kept me focused and moving toward my goals. Just as we need to visit our doctor or dentist on a regular basis to maintain our physical health and prevent problems, Gina has cinsistently kept me on track with regular financial check-ups. I consistantly meet people my age (40) who are just starting to think about retirement planning, and thanks to Gina's guidance, I feel prepared, confident and excited about my financial future." - Kristin Thomasgard, Program Director, U.S. Department of Defense, Current Client

" We've worked with Gina for more than 13 years. I took the meeting as a courtesy to a collegue and found her to be intelligent, insightful and extremly well prepared. I signed up that day. She has keen insight and a perspective that assures me we're working together toward my goals. We've recommended Gina to a variety of friends, many of whom are now her clients. - T. Heubert, Current Client

"As a millennial, I knew it was important that I prioritize financial planning in order to have financial security for my future. Although my generation won't experience the wage growth and certainly not the entitlements from which my parents benefitted, Gina gave me the tools and infomation so that I can set-up myself for success. Not only did I learn that financial planning isn't just for the long term like retirement, but also, I learned that by engaging in planning now, there are certain opportunities of which I can take advantage even in the short-term as I progress in my career.  From strategy to execution, Gina has made financial planning easy and doable, which speaks to the depth of her knowledge and experience as a financial advisor. As a result, when opportunities arise, I always recommend Gina to my friends so that they too can start planning for their future." - Samuel O. , Current Client  

    "My spouse and I have been working with Gina for many years now and really appreciate how well she's gotten to know us and our financial priorities. She takes the time to understand the decisions we need to make and always shares the various options available to us. So it's always fruitful when Gina kindly checks in with us during our regular updates. Looking forward to continuing our partnership with Gina for many more years." -Patrick Meier, Current Client

"Gina has been a trusted advisor for several years now and always wants to understand what's going on with me first and foremost--and then works to align my investments to best support my current and future plans. I feel listened to and cared for, and like Gina's priority is always to make sure that I am clear and confident about my choices.  Im looking forward to many more years of working together." - Jennifer Otieno, Independent Consultant, NWM Client        

"Working with Gina has given me so much confidence that I am being financially responsible and am doing the right things to plan for the future. As a woman, I feel empowered to have taken my financial planning into my own hands with Gina educating me every step of the way." -Nancy, NWM client                        






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